Alcohol and Social Networking sites

Veni-project: Alcohol on Social Networking Sites

This project investigates how much and why young adolescents talk about alcohol on Social Networking Sites (SNS), as well as the effects of alcohol-related Facebook posts on young adolescents´ alcohol consumption and when these effects occur. Subsequently, an intervention-plan will be developed and tested to counteract the detrimental effects of alcohol-related posts on SNS.

July 25, 2018

Two new publications and news message on alcohol and social media

Hanneke Hendriks and colleagues have recently published two articles in Journal of Medical Internet Research and Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking. Both articles focus on the role of alcohol-related posts on social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Examples of such posts are photos showing people having dinner with wine bottles on the table or group party pictures of people holding beers. The articles show that alcoholposts often reflect daily and social settings (e.g., the dinner posts), that most do not show extreme drinking behavior (e.g., drunk people lying on the ground), and that they play an important social role in the daily lives of adolescents and young adults (i.e., they often share these posts [tagging others] and like and comment on them). Do you want to know more? Click on the links or read the newsmessage.

January 26, 2018

Interview Hendriks radioprogram Jort Kelder on Radio1

This Saturday (January 27) researcher Hanneke Hendriks (UvA) was interviewed in the live radioprogram by Jort Kelder (dr Kelder en Co) on Radio1. She discussed the influence of alcohol on health and society. Would you like to see or read more, see

August 28, 2017

New publication on alcohol-posts: who, how often, and why

We recently published a new paper on alcohol-related posts on social networking sites in Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, showing who posts alcoholposts, how often, and with what reasons. See for the paper.

December 19, 2016

Successful ACHC symposium on alcohol and social networking sites

On Friday December 9 2016, the second ACHC symposium was held in Amsterdam. The purpose of the symposium was to inform both scientists and practitioners on the role of social media in alcohol consumption among adolescents in an interactive session, based on recent scientific research and practical experiences. International expert Megan Moreno ended the symposium with a keynote on the topic, and the symposium was a great succes. The symposium was made possible by RPA Personalised Communication and an NWO Veni-grant for Hanneke Hendriks (project number 451-15-022).

For more information, as well as the presentations of that day, see the website of the Amsterdam Center for Health Communication (ACHC): link

September 29, 2016

Who Is Louise Delage? The Troubling Truth Behind an Overnight Instagram Success

Adweek posted an interesting article on social media and adolescent drinking behaviour. For the full article including the pictures, click on the link below.

(...) when Louise Delage arrived on Instagram on Aug. 1, bearing drinks and a cheerful, sun-soaked smile, few wondered who she was...

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