September 29, 2016

Who Is Louise Delage? The Troubling Truth Behind an Overnight Instagram Success.

Adweek posted an interesting article on social media and adolescent drinking behaviour. For the full article including the pictures, click on the link down below.

(...) when Louise Delage arrived on Instagram on Aug. 1, bearing drinks and a cheerful, sun-soaked smile, few wondered who she was. Many assumed she was one more chic Parisian. Maybe she had one of those depressed Instagram husbands whose sole role in life is to capture their muses for an insatiable audience.

But no, that wasn't it at all. (...) The 25-year-old social star—who racked up over 50,000 likes in a couple of months with photos of boat parties, travel and endless dinners—is actually part of a campaign from Paris agency BETC called "Like My Addiction." 

Because did you notice something odd about Louise? She's almost always holding a drink. Louise is a textbook alcoholic. 

Click here for full article including the pictures.

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Veni-project: Alcohol on Social Networking Sites

This project investigates how much and why young adolescents talk about alcohol on Social Networking Sites (SNS), as well as the effects of alcohol-related Facebook posts on young adolescents´ alcohol consumption and when these effects occur. Subsequently, an intervention-plan will be developed and tested to counteract the detrimental effects of alcohol-related posts on SNS.

Alcohol and Social Networking sites

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