Alcohol and Social Networking sites

December 19, 2016

Successful ACHC symposium on alcohol and social networking sites

On Friday December 9 2016, the second ACHC symposium was held in Amsterdam. The purpose of the symposium was to inform both scientists and practitioners on the role of social media in alcohol consumption among adolescents in an interactive session, based on recent scientific research and practical experiences. International expert Megan Moreno ended the symposium with a keynote on the topic, and the symposium was a great succes. The symposium was made possible by RPA Personalised Communication and an NWO Veni-grant for Hanneke Hendriks (project number 451-15-022).

For more information, as well as the presentations of that day, see the website of the Amsterdam Center for Health Communication (ACHC): link

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Veni-project: Alcohol on Social Networking Sites

This project investigates how much and why young adolescents talk about alcohol on Social Networking Sites (SNS), as well as the effects of alcohol-related Facebook posts on young adolescents´ alcohol consumption and when these effects occur. Subsequently, an intervention-plan will be developed and tested to counteract the detrimental effects of alcohol-related posts on SNS.

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